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    Dear community, aiTranslate needs your help to get better :handshake:

    'm a German native speaker with some English skills, so these 2 languages shouldn't be a problem. But for all the other languages, I need your help. I tried to use some automatic translation services, but if you don't understand anything it's very difficult to estimate the quality. So I decided to ask you for some help.

    During the creation of a platform to make a community based translation possible, me has reached also a request about this which encouraged me to do so.
    And that is what came out of it:

    Weblate seems to provide exactly what aiTranslate needs to achieve this goal. Since it's my first time working with weblate my experience is rather poor, but perhaps the workflow I have found out is also usable for you:

    • open

    • create a user account

    • open a language you want to translate and you should be able to start

    • something important could be the Other languages tab - check the english translation to unterstand the meaning of this string:

    • if you do some changes, the Needs review checkbox should disappear and you are able to Suggest your translation string

    For now registered users only have the suggesting option, because I want to doublecheck again if there is no troll spamming me.

    Hope it helps a little bit, feel free to post your own and perhaps much better workflow.

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