Converter issues (INVESTIGATING)

  • HI,

    2 issues at my hand. One with sound, the other with the duration of the converted file.

    1. Sound / MP4: when recording (no matter with which settings), everything works fine. I can play each and every .fic video beautifully. Once I convert those files to MP4 (720p, Mbps 7k, Audio1, Stereo) there is no sound anymore.
    2. Same as above for the exporting part just that my 17GB file of BF3 ends up as a 56MB (!) file...of course, without sound.
      I've already installed a Codec Pack from K-Lite (before: CCP) but it did not solve the issue. I guess it's either got to do with my Logitech Wireless 930 or with Codecs. Though I winder why .fic files work beautifully then as does FRAPs or even Playclaw
      Any advice?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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